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Cost and Return Estimates for Farms and Ranches 2001-2013

  • 2001-2007
    Includes Actual and Projected Costs and Returns for 2001

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Ranch Budgets 2013           Projected Crop 2013

Image of Calf

Ranch Budgets 2012           Projected Crop 2012

Image of Windmill

Ranch Budgets 2011           Projected Crop 2011

Image of cattle resting on ranch.

Ranch Budgets 2010           Projected Crop 2010

Image of cotton on plant.

Ranch Budget 2009           Projected 2009

Image of a cotton field.

Ranch Budget 2008           Projected 2008

photo of tractor

Ranch Budget 2007           Projected 2007

Panoramic image of cattle on the range.

Ranch Budget 2006           Projected 2006

Projected 2005

photo of hay

Actual 2004
Ranch Budget 2004           Projected 2004

Projected 2003

Photo of an irrigated field.

Actual 2002

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